There's nothing more brave
than being your best self.

Complimentary Resources for you...

Packed with implementable tools to get you started.

Body Alignment Workshop

For individuals on their fitness journey or coaches who aren't for restrictive and exterior-focused fitness who want to explore Body Alignment in more depth. Working with the body is way simpler than trying to fight it. Why continue a losing battle? ;)


Life Alignment Quiz & Trainings

This introductory course helps you gain some clarity in the overwhelm. The quiz will show where you are in terms of surviving and thriving. The trainings will help bring you clarity for your next steps in life.


Guide to Your Cycle, Moods & Energy

Reconnecting with your cycle and learning to work with it is adding yet another level for alignment with your body. Grab the guide and start noticing how your body shifts through the month! 


Guided Programs

If you're ready to shift things or prefer a little more guidance and accountability, these programs are a great place to start.

Our Virtual Boutique Studio

Our Energy-Aware Coaches conduct mobility, yoga, breathe work and dumbbell workouts you can do anywhere!

STARTER BONUS: Use code ' CURVY ' for 50% OFF your first month! 

$97.00 USD / Month
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Body Alignment Call 

These quick & efficient calls help you clear the confusion, reduce the overwhelm so fitness is simpler. Jump on a call with Head Coach, Sandra, and set a game plan!

First call? Use the code 'TGCFASTRAK' for a large discount to get you started.

$97.00 USD
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