Meet Sandra...

She's our Head Coach here at The Good Curves and obtained her Master Trainer Certification from the Australian Institute of Fitness and her Female Health & Performance Coaching Certification from the FH&P Academy.

Coming from a Corporate Management Accounting background that eventually led her into burnout, she has realigned her life to follow her passion in helping busy, ambitious women out of overwhelm and burnout to find their work/life balance and regain their zest for life with energy management, fitness & nutrition life skills.

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A few things about me...


I'm a recovering perfectionist.

Yup! There used to be a time I let perfectionism get in the way of my fitness and my eating habits, but not anymore!!

Dog mum to spoiled mini-labradoodle

She saved me from 'empty nesting' depression when my kids grew up and moved out to start their own lives. And I've become of those tragic dog owners who either take their dog everywhere because she believes she is human and can be where ever humans are, or I don't go.

I love reading

I always have at least three books on the go at any given time. I know i'm not the only one ;) 

Must: Being out in nature

Especially the beach. It's my happy place!  My husband will often ring me worried where I am when I go for a short walk and I'm still not back after three hours.  And I never go anywhere without my camera.  Walks always take longer because I have to stop and take photos.

I will try anything once

I love to challenge myself with new things, sports and adventures.  I am currently learning to play golf.  I have three new craft projects going - mosaics, encaustic art and drawing.  Anyone want to jump out of a plane or do a 3-day hike with me?


When I Felt at My Lowest


Have you ever felt that you couldn’t do it anymore? I thought I was doing everything right; I worked long hours to advance my career, smashing myself at the gym but not getting any results. I was trying to be...

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Women and Our Cycles

So I was wondering ... when did a woman’s cycle become something we ignored or pretended wasn’t happening and pushed through no matter how we felt?...
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How I Go From Overwhelm to Calm


Are you an overachiever? (Yep, hand up over here – guilty!)

 But, when I get too much on my agenda (which I’m prone to let happen often), I usually end up frustrated, anxious and...

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Body Alignment Call

These quick & efficient calls help you clear the confusion, reduce the overwhelm so fitness is simpler. Let's set a game plan! 

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New to Lifting?

Join me in this 4-week featured series as I guide you through the 5 core movements that build your solid foundation for resistance training. 

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Our Virtual Boutique Studio

Our Energy-Aware Coaches conduct mobility, yoga, breathe work and dumbbell workouts you can do anywhere!

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Grab my Guide on a Woman's Cycles

Use this guide to understand your rhythm and discover a new level of alignment.

Understanding how we show up during different phases can help up make clearer decisions and be more efficient with our energy.


How to get in touch...


Email me at: [email protected]

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