4-Week Live Series:  



WHEN: 08 - 28 March 2022
TIME: 5pm EST Every Monday and Wednesday
WHERE: The Good Curves Club Virtual Studio

Coach Yadi gets your #OfficeBooty into gear with this home dumbbell program.



 both involves too much sitting.









What's the plan?

Get off your ass! lol

But seriously...over 4 weeks together, we will wake those cheeks up with this introductory lower body series hosted by Coach Yadi.  


Often times our clients come from various lifestyles that have a lot of sitting involved. With sitting comes a lot of tightness around the hips, sleepy glutes, back and knee pain.


This series was created to literally put your booty back to work!


With consistency and focus, we've seen a lot of ladies perk back up in more ways than one ;)

With 2 Sessions a week...

Coach Yadi will guide you  

  • To train at your own comfortable rhythm, removing the urge to overwhelm your body or the pressure to “keep-up” with everyone else.
  • on how to adjust your  intensity (low to high) in this program.
  • on how to challenge yourself with foundational exercises that help you strengthen your glutes.
  • On how to correctly focus on form and what muscles to use in each movement.
  • in a virtual intimate class setting in The Good Curves Club Studio. (Zoom)
  • On how to increase the intensity and efficiency of your workouts over time.


If you're a busy lady   

Use the 3-in-1 Office Booty Approach...

1. Loosen the Body

We have all done the slow stand. The one where we have to give our body the time to adjust and ligaments to stretch after sitting for hours staring at a screen. This program is designed to combat those effects by opening and activating the body.

2. Strengthen the Body

Follow along with Yadi as she breaks down movements and progressions to avoid injury and increase workout efficiency. Building a solid base has an advantageous effect on hormones, strength and energy.


3. Embrace the Body

A lot goes into building a body, but with some dedication and consistency, you'll start to feel different in your skin. Have the flexibility to revisit each video individually and independently as you go through the program even after the live series is completed.


Hi I'm Yadi!

I'll be hosting Office Booty 

If you want something minimal and  efficient that solves a few problems at once, this is one series that most of my career-driven, work-from-home (or office) women could use.

Too often we overlook the advantage and efficiency of working the lower body for women.

That's why I wanted to conduct this series to tackle pain management, build foundational strength and accentuate the curves. ( always a nice bonus isn't it :p )

This series only requires an hour a week from you.
I think that's more than a fair deal.  Don't you?

A nice plus is that you'll also get to explore all the other virtual classes in The Good Curves Club Studio when you sign up for this 4-week series.  

More on that below!

Love live workouts?   

Check out our current program schedule to see if it's a fit


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Are You Office Booty Material?

This series is for you if...

  • You sit a lot in a day and your body is feeling the toll. 
  • You don't have much time to work out.
  • You're ready to strengthen your lower body.

This series is NOT for you if...

  • You are looking for a high intensity booty workout.
  • You aren't patient enough to learn form and build a connection with your body.
  • Are unwilling to challenge yourself and your body through coaching.

Here's more details about

The Good Curves Club

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  • Unlimited access to our live workouts with energy aware coaches 
  • A growing list of DIY workouts each month 
  • 1 free coaching call with Head Coach Sandra to get a clear picture of where you’re at and the next few steps to get where you’re going 
  • Usual price for access is US$97/month 




Empower your health.   

You will always be supported...

Gain Strength and Confidence

It's always an inside-out approach and while we love looking good, we focus on first feeling good. This series is a great option to turn to for those who want to reduce the discomforts of too much sitting.

Move at Your Own Pace 

Follow along with Yadi as she breaks down movements and progressions to avoid injury and increase workout efficiency. Have the flexibility to revisit each video individually and independently as you practice the exercises.

Access to The Good Curves Club

(US$97 value) This series will be conducted within our virtual boutique studio, where you'll have access to all our live workouts, in a safe, supportive community.

*More details below*

INTRODUCTORY RATE US$47** (Usual Price US$97)


Use the code "CURVY" for $50 off your 1st month's access! 

There will be a monthly subscription charge of US$97 from your 2nd month onwards.
You will be able to cancel this monthly subscription at any point in the portal or by emailing us at [email protected]

**This code is exclusively for 1st time Club members only