4-Week Live Series:  


WHEN: 17 January - 13 February 2022
TIME: 3pm EST Every Monday and Wednesday 
WHERE: The Good Curves Club Virtual Studio

Breaking down the basics of resistance training



It's only intimidating because it's new









Over 4 weeks...

You will learn the most

important skills in resistance training.  

Once you’ve mastered these movements you will be able to increase intensity, move safely, and progress with confidence. 

Resistance training never has to be complicated. It just has to be effective, setting a strong foundation allows you to do just that! 

During these sessions...

Sandra will guide you  

  • For 2 sessions each week where you will gain familiarity with these core exercises. 
  • On how to communicate with your body by learning how you feel/respond to each exercise
  • Through the breakdowns of each movement, in a small intimate class setting
  • To train at your own comfortable rhythm, removing the urge to overwhelm your body or the pressure to “keep-up” with everyone else. 
  • On how to safely practice resistance training.


Empower your health.   

You will be supported to..

Gain Strength and Confidence

Mastering these 5 core movements provides a foundation for safe progress: Squats, Deadlifts, Push-ups, Rows and Shoulder Presses.

Move at Your Own Pace 

Follow along with Sandra as she breaks down these movements and progressions to avoid injury and increase workout efficiency. Have the flexibility to revisit each video individually and independently as you practice the exercises.

Access to The Good Curves Club

(US$97 value) This series will be conducted within our virtual boutique studio, where you'll have access to all our live workouts, in a safe, supportive community.

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I'll be hosting 

Intro To Form 

As a woman who’s a mother, an athlete and someone who’s been through corporate burnout, resistance training has had an important place in my life. No other tool, has helped keep me more mobile, pain-free and strong. 

That’s why I wanted to conduct a series dedicated to helping other women enter a world where they are skilled, independent and confident about their physical health, starting with resistance training.

Join this 4-week program and I’ll walk you through the 5 core movements you need to take your first step into resistance training. 


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Is this the Club for you?

This is for you if...

  • Have little to no experience in resistance training
  • Aren’t confident in basic movements like squat, deadlift, pushup, row and shoulder press
  • Want to gain independence in the weight area of your gym

This is NOT for you if...

  • Aren’t interested in safely and correctly performing exercises 
  • Are looking for a fancy work-out, this is an introductory program focused on proper form 
  • Are unwilling to challenge yourself and your body through coaching 

Here's more details about

The Good Curves Club

Our Virtual Boutique Studio 

  • Unlimited access to our live workouts with energy aware coaches 
  • A growing list of DIY workouts each month 
  • 1 free coaching call with Head Coach Sandra to get a clear picture of where you’re at and the next few steps to get where you’re going 
  • Usual price for access is US$97/month 




INTRODUCTORY RATE US$47** (Usual Price US$97)


Use the code "CURVY" for $50 off your 1st month's access! 

There will be a monthly subscription charge of US$97 from your 2nd month onwards.
You will be able to cancel this monthly subscription at any point in the portal or by emailing us at [email protected]

**This code is exclusively for 1st time Club members only