Workouts for the energetically sensitive, fatigued ladies who prefer a low-pressure and adjustable intensity approach


Live virtual workouts with Energy-aware Coaches in small groups and low-pressure settings 



We work with those who may be in an Energy Sensitive State. You could be in this state if you:

Are often inconsistent / rebound with your fitness

Live a High-Stress Life/feel burnt out (More on this below)

Have a mind that’s often wired and a tired body

Have trouble sleeping or energy crashes

Have increasing/managing depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, etc.

Are an energetically sensitive person (Eg. empath, introvert, Highly Sensitive Person / HSP )

Fitness for those who are in an energetically sensitive state looks different and here’s what we focus on helping you achieve:

Quick side note: Sadly not all promoted fitness is health focused. Crazy right? Many trends are focused on getting quick band-aid results which often harm (even abuse) the body, which is probably why you’re here.

When you work with the body, it becomes more flexible over time.

It may not happen in weeks like often promised but if you’re willing to be patient with your body, here’s where it could lead.

Better Sleep

As the body begins to be less reactive (from pressure), hormones tend to even out improving sleep cycles that affect hunger, cravings and energy.

Honoring Your Body

Fitness is all about learning when to push and when to pull back. When you master that, consistency becomes easy.

Understanding Your Hormones

As your body finds alignment, you’ll be able to read signals from hormones and how your body reacts. Adapting according to the data they provide allows you to work with your body in preventive or proactive ways.

Manageable Hunger & Cravings

Managing nutrition is more than counting calories. There are some situations where doing too much can make hunger and cravings difficult. Everyone’s balance looks different.

Steadier Energy

Your workouts should be empowering you, not draining you and causing lunch time crashes. When you have aligned movement that is healthy for you, energy will be more consistent.

Increased Trust & Confidence in Self

No more questioning your self-worth based on your body image or level of productivity. We help women learn they can trust their body, their intuition and their strength.

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In The Good Curves Club, we provide a supported exploration of what works for YOU.

Here’s why some fitness programs may have failed you:

Motivated by an externally driven result (like a physique or weight) which provides more excitement than endurance. We all have had to learn this one

Suggesting to push past body signals instead of understanding and respecting the body.&nbsp

The practices were too extreme and your body burned out. The probable consequence of above-mentioned ignoring of signals.

The program was just not a good fit for you, so don’t blame yourself!

How we have learned how to approach fitness for people like us:

Motivated by feeling better and connecting to the body by focusing on energy, sleep, mental clarity, hormone health, etc.

Learning how to work with your body by understanding it’s signs and learn your personal rhythm.

Life isn’t static and neither should fitness be. Adapting to our environment is a great practice for long-term consistency!

The coaches and programs always aim to help you create a practice that is fit for you through different phases.

Many of our women come in exhausted and overwhelmed from always doing more.

We want to help you offload some of that overwhelm and show you how to develop practices that complement your life.

Here’s 3 things we want you to know...

More is NOT always better.

When you slow down enough to understand what works for YOU, fitness becomes a lot more easy going and efficient.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You just haven’t found what works for you and we would love to help you navigate that!

 It can be simple.

To keep it blunt: How easy it is, depends on you! Being open-minded about finding your best approach in fitness is important and takes patience. Understand that The Good Curves Club promotes alignment over a year, 5 years to 20 years. Not weeks or months. We play the long game here. ;)

The Good Curves Club helps women navigate their journey from Drowning to Thriving. 


If you’re fatigued and recovering from burnout... We specialise in helping women go through the different levels of fitness during the recovery stages of burnout and all the way into thriving. 

If you’re energy-sensitive and prefer optional low pressure environments... Many clients of ours identify as empaths, HSPs, introverts or just dislike high pressure environments.

If you’re working to get stronger and more connected with your body... We aren’t for stressing and forcing the body “into shape”. We help you align with your body and achieve a more flexible metabolism. 

If you enjoy a challenge and are empowered to try new things... While our coaches understand a low energy day, they are still excited to bring you a challenge. A little challenge is always healthy ;) 

If you’re motivated by how you feel, not how you look. (Or are working on it!)...We understand the pressures of relationships with body image. We also know, even as fitness professionals, it’s a poor motivator and measurement for success. We will do our best to hold space for working through this.

When you are part of The Good Curves Club you will:

Begin to see that pushing is not the only way to get results.

Be encouraged to find your rhythm and therefore more balance and less overwhelm.

Be supported with your self-care and body alignment journey.

Have exposure to tools and coaches with specialized experience.

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