Your program schedule for

The Good Curves Club

We have made them for different timezones to hopefully keep it easy for you wherever you are. Below are the links to download the schedule for our organised months in the studio. If you're interested in the programs we are hosting, check them out below!


New to Lifting?

This 8-part series with our Head Coach, Sandra, will get you familiar with 5 core movements that build your solid foundation for resistance training.

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Couch Potato or Workaholic?

Join Yadi twice a week for a solid 30-min workout, with adjustable intensity, that opens up the hips, wakes up the glutes and helps manage the consequences of sitting all day.

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Tired but Wired?

Coach Rella guides you to find your center. Join her for twice a week for 30-mins, moving through simple yoga poses to release tension, relax the body and regain calm.

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