4-Week Live Series:  


WHEN: 14 February - 13 March 2022  
TIME: 7am EST Every Tuesday and Thursday 
WHERE: The Good Curves Club Virtual Studio

A power combo of yoga and breathwork to calm and ease

the system



Disconnect from the matrix and reconnect with yourself









Over 4 weeks...

Learn how to let go of 

tension, relax the body and regain calm.  

Accepting that you deserve balance is the first step. 
Move through simple yoga poses with this introductory series targeted at progressive muscle relaxation, de-stressing the central nervous system and create an environment of calm for yourself.

Coach Rella will guide you to find your centre and progress safely through the movements and prevent over-exertion your body.  

With 2 sessions each week...

Rella will guide you  

  • Simple yoga poses through the breakdowns of each movement.
  • On building balance between the body and mind, lower overall tension and recognize how your muscles feel when you relax them.
  • On releasing the strain on our nervous system with basic breathwork.
  • To train at your own comfortable rhythm, removing the urge to overwhelm your body or the pressure to “keep-up” with everyone else.
  • To set a strong foundation, preventing strain when moving through exercise.
  • In a virtual intimate class setting in The Good Curves Club Studio. (Zoom) 

Walk away from the noise   

And move towards balance

Relax the body

High stress affects us in many ways; loss of appetite, lack of energy, digestion issues, body aches, the list continues. With these movements, allow the body release pent-up tension, giving it a chance to heal and recover. 

Find your calm

As your body finds relief, so will your mind. Within a safe environment, learn to quiet the overwhelming thoughts and endless to-do lists. Adulting is hard! But a calm, clear mind allows us to focus better and recenter when we need.

Move at your own pace

Follow along with Rella as she breaks down movements and progressions to avoid injury and increase workout efficiency. Have the flexibility to revisit each video individually and independently as you practice the exercises


Hi I'm Rella, 

I'll be hosting Breath & Balance

As a single mom, entrepreneur and coach, I have so much appreciation for having an outlet to destress my body.

I know we can get carried away with the process of always doing more and so I wanted to start with a calming series.

One you can use when the body is tense, stress is high and you want to choose movement to release the burdens.

I hope you join me in this expansive and calming series. Calm your hormones as we explore breath-work and yin yoga in these 8 sessions together.

See you soon!


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Ready to chill for a bit?

This is for you if...

  • Have little to no experience practicing yoga and breathing exercises
  • Lead a high-stress life, all day, every day
  • Want to learn movements that destress the body, calm the central nervous system and release pent up tension

This is NOT for you if...

  • Are looking for a high-intensity work-out, this is an introductory program focused on gentles stretches and deep breathing
  • Don't want to take a step back and relax for a while
  • Are unwilling to challenge yourself and your body through coaching 

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  • 1 free coaching call with Head Coach Sandra to get a clear picture of where you’re at and the next few steps to get where you’re going 
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Empower your health!  

You will always be supported...


Gain Strength and Confidence

It's always an inside-out approach and while we love looking good, we focus on first feeling good. This series is a great option to turn to for those who want to reduce the discomforts of too much sitting.

Move at Your Own Pace 

Follow along with Rella as she breaks down these movements and progressions to avoid injury and increase workout efficiency. Have the flexibility to revisit each video individually and independently as you practice the exercises.

Access to The Good Curves Club

(US$97 value) This series will be conducted within our virtual boutique studio, where you'll have access to all our live workouts, in a safe, supportive community.

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(Usual Price US$97)

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There will be a monthly subscription charge of US$97 from your 2nd month onwards.
You will be able to cancel this monthly subscription at any point in the portal or by emailing us at [email protected]
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