Balancing Everything

balance blog Apr 09, 2021


Balancing life can be hard.

We need to take into account so many moving parts.  

Our partner’s needs, our children’s needs, our work commitments, our friends and family’s expectations.  

We want to have the career – the family – the lifestyle – the things!  

We also need to pay the bills, clean the house, look after our elderly parents, climb that corporate ladder and the list goes on and on.

In all of that, we can get lost.  

Where do our own needs fit in?  

How do we fit all of that in and make sure we ourselves are healthy and happy?

Often we shut down those parts of ourselves that are crying out for attention.  We stop listening to our bodies.

We end up putting ourselves in a more and more constrictive place – in everything we do or everything we don’t do for ourselves.  

We will look after ourselves later. 

Then we are surprised when our...

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