When I Felt at My Lowest

burnout corporate burnout hopeless feeling mental health sandra davey-koch wired and tired May 12, 2021

A personal note from our Head Coach, Sandra.


Have you ever felt that you couldn’t do it anymore?

I thought I was doing everything right; I worked long hours to advance my career, smashing myself at the gym but not getting any results. I was trying to be the best at everything (note to self ... perfectionism in full control). I thought I had to keep working harder and longer.

But I was getting through in zombie mode. I couldn’t sleep even though I was so exhausted. I felt on edge and anxious and like I was being pulled in every direction. It was starting to feel hopeless.

The smallest things would set me off, and I only had extremes...
I was either too tired to care ... or wired ... or in tears.


The constant long-term stress was causing physical symptoms that I couldn’t keep ignoring.  I had hit burnout, and I had nothing more to give.

Have you ever had that moment when you made a decision that changed your life? 

On the way to work one day, I turned left instead of right, and everything changed.

I started the process of getting better:

  1. I allowed myself to retreat so I could heal.
  2. I got help to get my health back on track.
  3. I set up healthy boundaries to learn to prioritise me.
  4. I stopped smashing myself with long, intense workouts.

Now my life is completely different. 

I’m no longer stressed and anxious all the time. 

I’m calm, and I sleep all night without waking up every 50 mins. 

I work balanced hours. 

My nutrition is so much better, and I do shorter, more effective workouts.

I’ve found my energy and zest for life that I had lost.

It makes me so sad to see people struggle every day as I did for so long, and now I have so much energy; I want to give back to others. 

If you need help, I’m here for you.


Sandra Davey-Koch
Head Coach
The Good Curves

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