Intensity de-sensity

Dec 31, 2021

Can I be real for a second? Whenever I hear “Go hard or go home”, I usually go home. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Anyone who knows me will tell you that I used to be that person who would “go hard”. Either by trying to keep up or doing more than everyone else. I recall an instance, some years ago, when I went jogging with a friend. As she was participating in a marathon that year, I wanted to be supportive and tried training with her. I went for 2 jogs before I called it quits. Wanna know why? 


My legs were in so much pain, they literally stopped working for about a week. It was agony to walk, sit, even moving while lying down took so much effort.  


Sure looking back I should have known better but at the time, go hard or go home right? 


Then I started resistance training with @thegoodcurves. True to form, I told myself, “I’m going to train at least 3-4 days a week” (ambitious, I know). Surprisingly, my coach said no. I had never faced experienced someone saying no me wanting to do more. Isn’t wanting to train more, a good thing?! Guess what, it wasn’t. 


  • More intense workouts can sometimes mean an increased risk of injury. 
  • Getting injured means longer recovery times. 
  • Longer recovery times mean fluctuating consistency. 


By starting off with a lower intensity, the focus shifted from weekly short-term results to long-term consistency gains. This resulted in better form when exercising, a better understanding of my body and.. I stayed on for longer than just 2 sessions.


A lower intensity meant more time was spent building a stronger foundation. This foundation then allowed me to progressively increase the intensity of my workouts *gasp* It all started to make sense!


Learning to listen and work with my body, instead of working against it, meant that together we were able to both go hard AND go home


Or rather in my case, go somewhat hard, so that I can go home.

Reqha Moorthy

The Good Curves

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