blog expectations Apr 09, 2021

I wish I could look like ….

I wish my body didn’t have …

Ever caught yourself saying or thinking these things? 

Let’s talk about our expectations.

Are they your own or are they actually someone else?  

Are they ideals being forced on us, telling us how we are "supposed" to look to be perfect, happy, accepted?

We spend a lot of time and money trying to achieve the perfect body.  But what really is the perfect body?  It changes depending on where you live, what era you live in, who you talk to.  It’s a changing and evolving thing.

I think the perfect body is the one we were given, that allows us to live, to move, to feel, to do things.  Not the one that the television, the magazines, the Instagram influencers, the advertising tries to sell us.

Remember, as long as we are discontented and unhappy, we are more willing to buy what they want to sell us.

Your body is yours.  It’s the only one you are going to get.  Treat it with acceptance, respect and love.  It’s amazing.  

Yes, you can work on making it the best it can be, but it has to be for you.  

Not anyone else.

-- Sandra, TGC Coach


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