Why Women Need Resistance Training

health muscle resistance training strength strength training women Dec 22, 2021

While I understand why resistance training can and has been intimidating for many. I also think it’s funny that most of us (including me) often need convincing to maintain our youth and independence. Weird huh? 

We do this so loudly in so many other areas of our life, and resistance training is something I feel us women should be comfortable exploring. Using our body shouldn’t be foreign to us and so I just wanted to share some strong reasons why I’m all for it..

Fact 1:  A woman’s bone density starts decreasing once she reaches about 30 years of age. It starts happening gradually at first, and then occurs faster as your estrogen production decreases at menopause. 

Fact 2:  As our hormone levels decline, so does our muscle mass, which means building and maintaining muscles becomes harder for us as we get older.  

Fact 3:  Again, as our hormone levels decline, the collagen content of our connective tissues declines.  We lose our flexibility in our tendons and ligaments and this happens at a faster pace the older we get if we don’t work on maintaining what we have.

So that means that the more muscle mass, bone density, strength and flexibility we build when we are younger, the better we are able to mitigate the changes that we will all experience as we get older.  But it also means it becomes more important the older we are.

That’s just one reason why regular resistance training is so important for all women.  

And it’s definitely never too late to start at any age.  

If you’re ready to start, you can check out the Intro to Form workshop that I’m hosting. In this 4 week workshop, I do my best to remove the intimidation factor of beginning this process by breaking down the basics in our virtual studio. You can check out all the details here.

Sandra Davey-Koch
Head Coach
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