How I Go From Overwhelm to Calm

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 A personal note from our Head Coach, Sandra.


Are you an overachiever? 

(Yep, hand up over here – guilty!)


But, when I get too much on my agenda (which I’m prone to let happen often), I usually end up frustrated, anxious and distracted.


When I get overwhelmed, my ‘go to’ behaviour is …


  • I make lists
  • I get busier
  • I can’t say no
  • I add to those to-do lists
  • I get irritable
  • I get exhausted
  • I get resentful
  • I get nothing done
  • I make more lists


But what I’ve found is that when I STOP to make SPACE …


If I stop doing ALL THE THINGS for an hour, an afternoon or a day …


That space I’ve made allows the CALM to return …


And when the calm returns, the FLOW comes back into that space and replaces the overwhelm!


And then …

  • Everything becomes easier
  • I get more done
  • Little things don’t matter anymore
  • I have more time
  • I have more energy
  • I move more
  • I’m a better, nicer person to be around


What do you do when you realize you are becoming overwhelmed??


Happy Aligning!


Sandra Davey-Koch
Head Coach
The Good Curves

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