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Hi, It's Cari Li

Founder, The Good Curves

Spending my majority of 10+ years in fitness focused on Burnout Recovery, it was important that we create a space where women were able to nourish, rejuvenate and grow without pressure.

After my own burnout, I realised that most fitness programs out there were NOT health-focused, but body focused.

This was getting women more burned out and misaligned with their body, making any sort of fitness consistency extremely inflexible.

Our coaches here will always understand the difference between lazy and fatigued. You'll never once be judged for your journey or your timing.

 How we got here

After figuring out how to work with my body instead of against it, it became very clear that we could simplify the process for others over time.

Taking the body from surviving, with unstable energy and a  sensitive metabolism, to thriving became a process that proved important for the modern woman with a large work load and little time to spare.

Today, we have the amazing and caring coaches in The Good Curves Club to help you through this very process.

 Why We do it

We don't need to take a long look to see that people, especially women, are struggling with managing their energy. 

Keeping up with an ideal body, a career path, deep relationships, maybe even kids or health issues can be overwhelming.

We know that we can help you take the pressure off by giving you some clarity so you can stop being paralyzed or exhausted from running in circles. 

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