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Are you feeling like you're in survival mode and a little overwhelmed with what steps to take next?

It's time to go from Surviving to Thriving.

Does this sound familiar?

You're motivated but are feeling a little lost.
You have a seriously lack of energy with life.
You feel like you're mentally running around in circles.
Increased depression, anxiety & panic.

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The Life Alignment Quiz is going to help you understand exactly where you currently are, so that you can take the necessary steps to shift.


This is MORE than a quiz, you will be equipped with amazing actionable training to provide a ton of clarity around what approach to take in order to start thriving consistently in life.

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The Life Alignment Quiz focuses on 3 main areas.




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Hey! I'm Cari Li.

Alignment Coach and already your biggest cheerleader.  I help women understand why things haven't worked in the past and help them get aligned with what TRULY works.

Understanding that achieving a life of Alignment is more than just one aspect, I help you look at everything from a holistic approach to get the results you're looking for out of life.